Hot Work Permit

Avoid hot work or seek an alternative/safer method, if possible.


This Hot Work Permit is required for any temporary operation involving open flames or producing heat and/or sparks.
This includes, but is not limited to: brazing, cutting, grinding, soldering, torch-applied roofing and welding.

Part 1

School Board
School/building name (i.e. board office, Facilities etc)
Firesafety/operations supervisor
Email Address
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Phone Number

Required Precautions Checklist

Available sprinklers, hose streams and extinguishers are in service/operable.Hot work equipment in good working condition.

Requirements within 35ft (11 m) of hot work

Flammable liquid, dust, lint and oily deposits removed.Explosive atmosphere in area eliminated.Floors swept clean.Combustible floors wet down, covered with damp sand or fire-resistive sheets.Remove other combustible material where possible. Otherwise, protect with welding pads, blankets and curtains, fire-resistive tarpaulins or metal shields.All wall and floor openings covered.Weldings pads, blankets and curtains installed under and around work.Protect or shut down ducts and convbeyors that might carry sparks to distant combustible material.

Hot work on walls, ceilings or roofs

Construction is noncombustible and without combustible coving or insulation.Combustible material on other side of walls, ceilings or roofs is moved away.

Hot work on enclosed equipment

Enclosed equipment cleaned of all combustible material.Containers purged of flammable liquid/vapor.Pressurized vessels, piping and equipment removed from service, isolated and vented.


  1. Complete job information and Required Precautions Checklist..
  2. Firesafety supervisor/operations supervisor: Verify precautions listed (or do not proceed with work). Type name in space provided below the checklist.
  3. Person performing fire watch: Complete Fire watch/hot work area monitoring checklist.

Firesafety supervisor/operations supervisor:

I verify the above location has been examined, the precautions checked on the Required Precautions Checklist have been taken to prevent fire, and permission is authorized for this work.

Job information - Hot work done by

EmployeeContractor (type company name)
Job Number
Name of person performing hot work
Permit Expires
Name of firesafety supervisor/operations supervisor

Fire watch/hot work area monitoring

Fire watch will be provided during and for 60 min. after work, including any break activity.Fire watch is supplied with suitable extinguishers, and where practical, a charged small hose.Fire watch is trained in use of equipment and in sounding alarm.Fire watch may be required in adjoining areas, above and below.Monitor hot work area for an additional three (3) hours after the 60-min. fire watch.
Name of person conducting fire watch