Emergency Response Plan

An Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is a comprehensive document which should be prepared and administered by your school board office, with the necessary refinements made to suit your school location.

Your board’s ERP should cover policies and procedures, training and evacuation planning for the following types of situations:

  1. Man-made – murder, suicide, shooting, hostage-taking, bombing, arson, etc;
  2. Accidental – chemical spills, transportation (rail, air, road) accidents, equipment malfunction, fire, explosion, etc;
  3. Natural – tornadoes, hurricane, earthquake, ice/snow storm, etc.

The following individuals should be identified at your school:

  1. The Emergency Co-ordinator is _____________________________
    Phone: _______________________
  2. To notify police/fire/ambulance, contact _____________________________
    Phone: _______________________
  3. Fire Sprinkler Valve contact is _____________________________
    Phone: _______________________
  4. The Emergency Response Plan for this school is located _______________________
  5. The Emergency Response Team for this school meets every ____________ and _____________.